October 31, 2007


First up, let me just say, that traffic to this site is booming. People must love limericks, Christian kitsch, theatre artists and my kid in big pants! I have had 1500 page views this month! Almost twice that of any other month. Keep coming back. It'll only get better, until it gets worse.

Well, we had lower participation this week, but still some outstanding entries.

I'm just going to pick one winner this week. So...

Brian Bateman said...

We reject all this Halloween rot!
As Christians we’ve always been taught
To avoid worldly rites;
We’re at church on that night—
So our neighborly contact is naught

I have to respect his social commentary about the death of the "neighbor" combined with Christian ghettoism. Well done, Brian. Here's your (entirely fake) PRIZE!

An excerpt: (Mommy speaking to little Jerry) "Halloween is a religious holiday--a holiday when people worship Satan and honor evil. In fact, it is the biggest holiday on Satan's calendar."

Stop for a moment and imagine Satan's calendar.

Congrats Brian and thanks ALL for participating. Come on back anytime!

1 comment:

Dada Drummer said...

I happen to know for a FACT that Satan uses a Thomas Kincaid "Painter of Light" desk calendar.

Don't ask.