May 22, 2007

Summer Plans - blowing through the jasmine in my mind

It's going to be a hectic summer.

I'm making the transition from being a teacher of theatre to being a student of theatre. Uprooting my family from Orlando, FL to bring them to Waco, TX. It's exciting and crazy.
  • May 25th - Pine Castle Graduation (the last farewell to some dear friends of mine)
  • May 26th - My last performance at SAK Comedy Lab (with two past students - Benji Hurlburt and Chris Dinger)
  • May 27th - June 3rd - Pack up our house entirely.
  • June 4th - fly to Texas for a few days to shop for a house, fill out some forms for my grad school registration, and hopefully get some interviews for Courtney at local schools.
  • June 7th - return home
  • June 9th - Fly to Chesapeake, VA for our first family vacation since we started having offspring. We'll be visiting my sister and her family while there and we'll be staying at the very cool Great Wolf Lodge and maybe even taking in a day at Busch Gardens - Williamsburg.
  • June 13th - return home.
  • June 14th - move out.
  • June 15th - Close on our house.
  • June 16th - Live with my parents for two weeks.
  • July 1st-ish - Leave for Texas permanently.
  • July 24th - start classes at Baylor University.


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Chris Hansen said...

This is weird, but did you know that our residence prior to moving to Waco was Chesapeake, VA?