May 18, 2007


I think I’m pretty good at parting ways. I have a good bit of experience in moving and I’ve come to accept the entrance and exit of loved ones from my life.

This week is tough though. I’ve never been quite so personally invested in a place as I am at this school where I’ve been teaching for five years. The teachers are my dearest friends, the students have forced their way into my soul as I’ve seen them mature from awkward middle schoolers into young men and women. And the parents keep surprising me with cards, gifts and emails telling me how much they’ve appreciated what I’ve taught their children and even them.

I’ve been flooded with compassionate words and deeds. And it’s made the goodbye part really hard. I don’t know if I’ve ever been loved as much or as well by an entire community as this one, and even though I still know God’s will is for me to leave, I’m starting to understand the depth of loss that’s coming.

This is a good place filled with beautiful people. I will miss them.

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