October 21, 2002

The Queen's Curse - A Poem about the one everyone falls for

I’ve known those like you before
With that glint that hints you have something more.
It’s not any tangible trait that I can tell
But rather the incense of a life-lived well.

And while others warm themselves by your fire
I can see the burden is making you tired.
For you have not the luxury of degrees.
You’re hopelessly over-loved or doused in jealousy.

They are drawn to the glow of your laughing heat
Sincerely sincere, completely complete
But it’s not long before the glances start
Those soul flashes that betray their bitter or longing hearts.

So, you must live on your pedestal alone,
While they want to be you, destroy you or have you for their own.
And you bravely smile, and give a soggy wink
But the view from up there is not as great as they think.


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