August 21, 2002

I Don't Care - A poem for teachers

by Dan Buck

I don’t care that you left it in your mom’s car,
Or that it got ruined by a melted candy bar.
I don’t care that your printer’s out of ink,
Or that last night you were way too tired to think.
I don’t care that you lost power last night
And I really don’t care to hear your homework plight.

I give you time to avoid these things
But I can’t help you once the fat lady sings.
If you should choose to procrastinate
These little problems may determine your fate
You may claim my policy mean or unfair,
You may sneer and make fun of my lack of hair
But if I let you slide with no consequences to bare
Then you would know for certain that I don’t care.

1 comment:

Edison in a moth-eaten ghillie suit said...

That's pretty good. You should put it in the teacher's lounge. Odd how it's dated the first month of classes I had with you.