February 22, 2015

Ten years wiser, ten pounds heavier

I started this blog 10 years ago.  It's been some time since I've blogged regularly, but that's going to change.  

I am a writer. I communicate best through the written word.  And yet, I often don't take the time to do it.  To process my life and circumstances through words.  So, I'm starting back again.  

A lot has happened since I started this blog.  I went to grad school. I've become a professor (assistant) of theatre, I've directed and performed in a whole lot of theatre.  I've raised two boys through the tender years.  They are 11 and 13 now, they'll learn more on the bus and the internet than from me now.  (Kidding, sort of) 

I've gotten divorced, which was very bad.  And I remarried, which was very good.

I've moved a few times (mostly in the same town).

I've taught a lot of students, and learned from more.

I lost too much weight, then gained too much back.  

I have been to Europe.

I have been to Detroit. 

Europe was better.

I might be a bit wiser than I was when I blogged before.  Might.  

I used to have a lot of big opinions and questions. Now I mostly have regrets, a few observations, and a bunch of stories where grace was shown to me in spite of my big opinions.

I'd like to say I have more answers.  Instead, I have more questions, less expectation that I'll find answers, and more peace about that.

I have less hair, more battle scars.

There's less I want to do and more I want to be.  

I started this blog at 30 and in August I'll be 40.  I could never have imagined the path my life would take 10 years ago.  In truth, I wouldn't have picked a lot of it.  Yet, some of it is better than I could've imagined.  

In ten more years, when my boys are both in their 20s and I'm 50, I'll probably have a new list of ways I've changed since I was 40.  

I plan to chart the journey here.  However, sporadically.  You can read along if you like.  

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