February 26, 2015

Loot Crate, Clark Beckham, and Diabeetus

Loot Crate
This week I received my first Loot Crate. (Lootcrate.com) It's a subscription service with a monthly fee that ensures you will receive a box in the mail full of nerdy goodies.  

This month's theme was "Play. The box itself transformed into a board game, there is a novel that looks really cool (called "Ready Player One"), a little Munny Doll (think a wipe board in the shape of a dwarf), a robot bug, and a fun little card game called Superfight - which is like Cards Against Humanity but with various "fighters" on the black cards and "powers" on the white cards.  So you might get "A Grizzly Bear" and "That shoots lasers out of its ears".  You play what you think is a powerful combo and then make your case for why your fighter would win in a match-up against your opponent. The rest of the table votes and a winner is declared.  Rachel Anne and I played it with just the two of us, which pretty much means that we were just arguing over whose fighter was more awesome like middle schoolers arguing about whose dad could beat up the other's.  But it was a good time.  We ordered the full game, because it's exactly the kind of game we could have fun playing with our friends (thinking Rob and Ashley, Tom and Kristen, and probably the Faricellis). Warning: if real game rules, or a legit competition are what you crave in a game, this is not for you.  If ridiculous logic and absurd scenarios are your thing... check out Superfight.  

Clark Beckham

Clark is a friend who I directed in a couple plays.  He's an outstanding and gifted singer and musician and a truly great person.  The kind of guy who is wise beyond his years, but who is humble and self-effacing.  ANYWAY, he is in the the Top 24 on American Idol this season and it is so fun to see him winning everyone over with his talent, charm, and general goodness.  Check him out and vote for him if you like.  http://www.americanidol.com/contestant/clark-beckham/videos 

Clark Beckham as Balthazzar singing his own composition of "Sigh No More" in Lee Theatre's production of Much Ado About Nothing


Rachel Anne (my wife) brought a funny little dog into our family when we got married.  Her name is Cowsocks and she normally looks like a meatloaf with legs.  But she's been losing a lot of weight lately.  So we took her to the vet and it turns out...

She will be fine (we'll need to give her shots regularly) but now I call her Wilford and Elijah calls her Cowabeetus.

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Jenny King said...

Yeah, we had a diabetic cat named Fred while I was growing up. Had to give that guy shots twice a day for like seven years.