January 07, 2010

Update Buffet 1/07

Here's what I'm up to:

  • Theatre Appreciation: I am once again teaching a class of 200 non-theatre majors trying to spread the love.
  • I am revising my thesis. It's headed toward being over 150 pages long.
  • I am going to be taking a class on contemporary plays. I'm really looking forward to it. Awesome plays, awesome prof, awesome friends in the class. College courses don't get better than this IMO.
  • I will be travelling to Cleveland the first week in March for the Mid American Theatre Conference to present a paper on Theatre Pedagogy.
  • I will be travelling to Louisville for the Humana Playwright's Festival to see EIGHT brand new plays and to hang out with cool people.


  • Still applying for Theatre Professor jobs (almost exclusively to schools east of the Mississippi.)
  • Perhaps its early to give up hope, but I am readying myself for the possibility of staying here and working on my resume (teaching more at Baylor-part time, working on my book on Improv Pedagogy, etc). Staying here is mostly happy as we love our friends, our home, and our church. It'd be nice to be closer to family and to have a great full-time job, but that may not be in the cards for this fall.


  • We are regularly attending Dayspring Baptist Church. It's a contemplative Baptist church. I know, it seems strange. Most Baptists I know don't spend a lot of time contemplating, but it's a unique little enclave of very thoughtful and loving people.
  • We are in a small group Sunday school class that we very much like.
  • The boys regularly participate in the services by ringing the bells (to chime the hour), passing the offering plate, and Elijah even read scripture on Christmas eve.
  • I have joined the choir.


  • Courtney and I are watching True Blood (Trashy fun), Modern Family (Best new comedy since The Office), Flash Forward (Overacted, and occasionally tedious, but a good larger story arch) and, of course, The Office (which I thought would have run out of gas by now, but the last few episodes have been great).
  • Have recently seen Sherlock Holmes (*** out of 4), Inglorious Bastards (***1/2), Alvin and the Chipmunks - The Squeakquel (*), The Frog Princess (**1/2), District 9 (***), Role Models (***)
  • Have recently been listening to Cold War Kids, The Format, Sia, The Jackson 5

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Shannon said...

Thanks for the nice update.

I'm surprised the squeaquel only got one star. ;)

Oh, oh, oh, I spent the New Year's holiday enjoying a True Blood marathon. Love, love, love. Anna Paquin FTW!