June 13, 2009

Mission: Water Training

I've been playing a game with boys this summer. If you're just now catching up with the story, click here for all the installments.

Hello Agents,

I see that you are getting closer to being able to swim. That is excellent news because it means I can send you on water missions in the future. Today, I have a water training exercise for you. My secret agents at the YMCA inform me that you are both able to float around the pool with the help of a noodle. You will need to do that today to accomplish this mission.

Inside this box are 10 eggs that will float in the pool. Each of them contains a number riddle inside. Have your mom and dad put the eggs in the pool. You will have to float out to get them and then bring them back in. Inside each egg is a number riddle. Fill in the blanks on the riddles to solve them. You may only open and solve the riddle for eggs that you have retrieved from the pool.

Send your answers to the riddles in an email to me. You only need to answer SIX of them correctly to get your reward. However, if you answer EIGHT of them correctly, I will give you a second bonus reward.

Good luck agents!
I look forward to hearing from you!


Calvo Padre
Secret Agent

Here are the riddles that were inside the eggs.

5 F________ on a hand

12 N_______ on a clock

50 S________ in the USA

4 L______ on a Dog

7 D_____ in a W______

8 S_______ on a S_____ S______

60 S_______ in a M________

26 L_________ in the A____________

4 P_________ in your F________

3 S_________ were sailed by C_______ C________

They got all the answers and so the next morning they received these prizes on their doorstep (and some candy later as their "bonus").


DTB said...

How was elder son's water experience??

BTW, you are the coolest dad EVER.


DAN BUCK said...

He did well.

He's found a new confidece in going underwater. He can go under and look around and even move a bit. He's still shaky at getting his legs behind him to start kicking, but we're making fast progress in the confidence department.

DTB said...

Remind me Monday to give you a present I have for both your boys. It's swimming related!!

Adria said...

As much as I'm loving your boys' adventure updates, I ran across something you don't say anymore that I'd like to bring back...

...Peanut b.

Major lolz.