April 29, 2009

Whiffs of the end...

I am a long way from being done with my graduate work, but I am noting the passing of a number of milestones. My last classes with two of my three graduate profs. My last theory class. A series of lasts. There's still lots to come.

Papers to write in the next few weeks.
Comprehensive exams in a month! (Terrifying)
Writing my thesis paper (150 pages or so)
Directing my thesis show
Teaching one more class
Taking two more classes

But I sense the end coming. The BU Theatre grad experience is pretty front-loaded (I think), at least in terms of the classroom experience. After May, the focus will be more centralized on my Thesis.

I'm not feeling sentimental as I still have year left here. But, I am noting the benchmarks along the way.

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