December 22, 2008

Random Notes on My Life

Here are some quick notes and updates on things I 've seen expreienced since my last posts.

Synecdoche, NY
Thanks to our lovely wives, Shane, Chris and I got to head to Austin to see this one on a recent Saturday afternoon. The film is nothing if it isn't ambitious. This is Kaufman's first crack at directing his own work. And like his writing his directing is deep and wide. Profound and messy. Complicated and beautiful. And deserving of a second viewing. I really loved the film. I love the themes it explores. I love the way it straddles reality and surrealism - which, by the way, I think works better and is more accepted on stage than in film. And Hoffman is quite amazing. He's probably one of the greatest American actors living today. Between this, The Savages, Doubt, and his oscar winning Capote he's clearly at the top of his game. Check out the trailer (here). That trailer also features a haunting song by Deanna Storey.

Step Brothers
God-awful. Dull. Unfunny. Embarassing work from two talented actors.

Grad School
I am officially halfway through! Woo-Hoo!

Thesis Show
I will be directing Fuddy Meers by David Lindsay-Abaire. It is a dark laugh-your-face-off comedy about a woman who wakes up each morning with no memory. I am very excited about it. It will go up the first week of December 2009.


Whitney said...

hey hey---hope you are doing well...i love fuddy meers! congrats....merry christmas!

Shannon said...

Adore Philip Seymour Hoffman. Both he and Laura Linney were vastly underappreciated in the awesome movie, The Savages (one of my faves). Worry about him in Doubt. Saw the stage production. Loved it. Think he's too naturally likable to fit in Doubt where uncertainty is so critical. Hope I'm wrong.

Thanks for the updates and congratulations on your continued successes! Well deserved!!11!!

DAN BUCK said...

I've heard nothing but amazing things about Hoffman in this one. I haven't seen it yet, but I'll counter your argument with the following.

1. The likability will probably help the uncertainty. Our culture so quickly condemns the vileness of his accused act, that having a likable character in that role makes it more complicated.

2. Hoffman can do deplorable: Have you seen Patch Adams?

I too LOVE Doubt. Although I've only read it. (and had to do an analysis of it to get into Baylor's grad program) :)

Shannon said...

It's hard for me to address your points seeings how I'm still in shock that you actually watched Patch Adams. :)

You make a very good point about Hoffman's likability maybe adding to the necessary sense of doubt in the film. I'm concerned by Streep's interviews and by the trailers where even the lighting seems judgmental toward Sister Aloysius. The film adaptation will not work for me if it leans too heavy on the shrill nun meme.

Maybe I should see it first before I decide it doesn't measure up to the stage production. :)