October 15, 2008


The only thing better than awkward people, are awkward people who are daily surprised by their own awkwardness. (Example: Have a good... Well, I'll see you later today, but you can have a good day anyway... but if you don't I'll see you either way...I'm SO AWKWARD, What's wrong with me?)

The only thing worse than being irrelevant, is shooting for relevance and JUST missing it. (Example: A professor trying to be as cool as his students that starts class by playing Eminem songs loudly)

The most successful revolutionaries are doomed to become the institution.

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The Dada Drummer said...

Oh Dear. You have brought out the self-absorbed side of Dada Drummer's brain...is this about ME? I am, after all, that rare blend of awkward, irrelevant, and revolutionary.