August 20, 2008

Tropic Thunder's REAL Crime

There's been some silly uproar about Ben Stiller's film Tropic Thunder. Apparently, people are taking offense to the fact Downey's in blackface, which is ridiculous. He is playing an idiot character who thinks a surgical version of blackface is a good idea. Condemning Downey or the film for this, would be like convicting Anthony Hopkins of multiple homicides for his role in Silence of the Lambs.

Secondly, the film is taking heat for making fun of the mentally handicapped. And this too, is obsurd. The film is a satire. It's poking fun at people who believe and act like these characters. It makes me think of the silliness over the New Yorker cover that was making fun of the enormous number of people who are convinced that Barak is a secret muslim.

In the end, Tropic Thunder, although I have yet to see it, is probably guiltier of something else...

PLAGIARISM! Ben Stiller stole his gag about Hollywood exploiting the mentally handicapped to reap Oscars from Ricky Gervais's brilliant TV show Extras (a show we know he was familiar with, because he was on it!). See below -

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Michael said...

It's not plagiarism. Two different things. see the movie before you criticize Buck! love ya, mean it!