August 17, 2008

That's PROFESSOR Smart Ass to you, Bud!

In roughly one week, the silly folks at Baylor will unleash me upon 174 impressionable young minds. What fools!

I'll be teaching Theatre Appreciation. For them, it's a course that fulfils an art core curriculum and boat loads of students take. For me, it's a required part of my 2nd-year assistantship duties. Last year I worked in the box office, and next year I'll direct a big show as part of Baylor's Mainstage Season.

I'm actually looking forward to teaching again. I know it's different than high school, but I think I have a knack for using my passion and my humor to keep the subject matter interesting for even the most uninterested of students.

I'm sure I'll have a number of athletes who are looking forward to this class as much as I'd be looked forward to P.E.!


Alan Thomas said...

Congratulations, Dan!!

DAN BUCK said...

I'll alwasy take kudos, but you should know, this is an expected part of my graduate program, not a promotion.

I've edited my post to make that more clear.

Chris Hansen said...

Are you feeling prepared for it? I imagine there's an established curriculum for the course, but still some room for you to throw in your own ideas?

DAN BUCK said...

I am getting there.

In the past, the course has not been as established as you might think. When it comes to professors, this course is like the town bicycle...

We are actually establishing a curriculum right now (under the kind and level-headed guidance of Steven Pounders). But yes, there will be some wiggle room for each teacher to expand from their own passion and experience.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy your class! I look forward to coming every week and even though I already "appreciated theatre" before taking the class, I am learning something new every time I come! Thank You!