July 29, 2008

Press -FW- to confirm you're a moron

I don't ask you to vote for him... but c'mon.

I've been reading about how many people still believe the dumbest things about Barak Obama and I just wanted to let you know -

Obama is not a Muslim, was not raised Muslim and never attended a Muslim school.

Obama does not refuse to pledge his allegiance to the flag, nor has he ever been sworn into an office on the Koran.


Remember, anything you read in an email with the letters FW in the subject line is false. And any email with pictures of eagles in front of flags or power point presentations that have Lee Greenwood's poorly-syntaxed hillbilly anthem will make you dumber. Guaranteed.

(NOTE: I've deleted and disallowed comments on this post. It's not that I won't hear opposing opinions, feel free to email those to me. It's just that I don't want this to become a heated political blog. The one comment left was rationally stated and cool headed, but I started composing a long response and decided I was headed down a road I'd rather not travel at Unexposed Granite.)

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