July 20, 2008

Batman: Dark Knight

Saw it. Loved it.

It's a little tough to watch. Like the "Schindler's List" of comic book movies.

The performances are all great. Especially Ledger, Eckhart, and Oldman.

Batman's voice is a bit annoying. But that's a pretty small issue in the grand scheme.

I'm not compelled to write much because so many others have written so extensively, but just know I loved it. And if it is the first comic book film to get nominated for Best Picture, it deserves it.

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Hannah said...

hey mr buck! its hannah nelson.

so i went and saw dark knight last night, and i was like..WOAH. i mean, i didnt know everything that was going on since i hadnt seen the other batman movie, but it was still phenominal.

heath ledgers performance was nothing short of perfect. i want to buy the movie just so i can watch him. he was amazing, and even that word doesnt even come close to how great he was.

its funny, now that i took exploring films with you, i see a ton of mistakes in movies, i can tell the good actors from the bad, and its awesome. i loved that class! i wish you were still at pc..we need you!!

love you mr buck!