April 15, 2008

Limerick Tuesday XXIV


1. Oreos
2. Trickle-down Economics
3. Paula Abdul
4. Denim Jackets
5. Planetariums


Shane Alexander said...

If the rich spend all that they've got
They say some will end up in each pot.
But Reaganomics ad hoc
only led to Iraq
and some tax cuts amounting to squat.

Wow, that Limerick is more liberal than I am. I am glad I wrote it; that way I don't have to be offended by it.

Whitney said...

double stuff is twice the fluff
I can never get enough
twist and dunk
they go kerplunk
Having just one is really tough

Ok, so I will have to work on my limerick skills...im much better at haikus...i think you need a Haiku day.

jared pike said...

Oreos inspire a special part of me
The black and white are in perfect harmony
Eating such a mixture
I can't help but picture
Stevie Wonder and Sir Paul McCartney

The Dada Drummer said...

There once was a “Forever Your Girl” named Paula
Whose “Opposites Attract” sold quite well at the mall-a.
Today Idols she can make
With that “Cold Hearted Snake”
But “Straight Up” I wish she’d “Shut Up and Dance”! Holla!

jared pike said...

The rich just keep getting richer
But the poor improve too.... get the picture?
But Obama and McCain
Don't have an economic brain
And Hillary just seems to get more emotional

jared pike said...

Astronomers are getting annoyed
Planetarium rep's been destroyed
While stars are enjoyed
It's tough to avoid
The dopers tripping out on Pink Floyd

jared pike said...

Dungarees have sold a billion or so
Denim jackets, it seems, even moreso
But the first jacket wearers
Must have heard from the starers:
"That dude's got pants on his torso!"

Shannon said...

"Hey Paula" ripped her underlings new ones
For failure to worship and undones
Queen of acid wash
She says she's no slosh
As she chugs "Coke" martinis with onions.

Laurie said...

There was a young girl from Milwaukee
Whose virtue had left her quite squawky.
How far did she go?
To the Adler, Chicago.
Under the stars she got lucky!

Spell Girl said...

Thanks for your comment. I will link to you if that's cool?

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Meatball said...

Oreos mix black and white.
Something I think is out-of-sight.
The analogy stands,
We have the same hands.
Can't we agree not to fight?

A Sputter limerick, because I saw that Whitney posted.