April 04, 2008

Limerick Tuesday - The Results

Wow! What a spectacular showing by participants old and new.

Some honorable mentions...
Points for passion to K-to-the-elsey for this violent little verse.
I feel like some chicken so I get in my car.
I drive a short distance, Chick-fila's not that far.
I pull up, I'm ready.
Today is the day.
But alas, doors are closed, it is f*ing Sunday.

And for declaring an appropriate occupation for my least favorite actress, props to Adria...
So I head for the Chicken-Fil-A,
Where no milk products ruin my day,
Driving thru for my burger,
I noticed my server,
None other-Zellwegger, Renee!

The winner by a mile this week, however has to be The Cachinnator's limerick about Generational differences.
The Boomers began this whole dance,
Generationally taking a stance,
The X-ers grew hair,
The Y-ers don't care,
And the Z-ers are still in my pants.
Indeed, inspired. (although "Z-ers" are actually pre-teens. I'll assume you thought they were not yet born. Which makes the limerick less... statutory.)

I have scoured the internet for a fitting prize, but have found none. So here's something cool... Your prize.

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