March 27, 2008

Limerick Tuesday XXI - The Results

A clear standout this week:

Though fibro may hurt to the touch
It seems you want drugs as a crutch
But I have one inquiry,
It's about your diary...
How the hell can your hands write so much?
Congrats, Jared. Your prize requires an explanation of Sam's mysterious limerick and some internet culture. (Although Jared probably knows all about this stuff.)

Sam's enigmatic limerick was as follows:
There's a man with a voice made of gold,
Who's wise words are quite often retold:
Never gonna make you cry,
Never gonna say goodbye,
Never gonna stop gettin' limerick-rolled.
I saw Sam after he posted this and he asked if I liked his limerick. I smiled and nodded a "yeah, that was funny" in a way that made Sam realize I didn't get it. I'm an actor, you think I'd be better at that. But if there's one thing I have trouble doing it's pretending I think something is funny. He explained to me that the last line was an "internet meme." "Ohhhh! Yeah," I said. And, he once again saw through my brilliant facade of comprehension and explained...

An internet meme is an online phenomenon where a link, video, or phrase becomes a (usually meaningless) reference repeated over and over. Some of the most famous include the Hampster Dance, Chuck Norris, All Your Base are Belong to Us, Charlie The Unicorn, Chocolate rain, and now, the "Rick Roll!"

Rick Roll: When someone goes to a link supposing it will bring them to a certain website, when in fact it brings them to a music video of 80's one hit wonder Rick Astley.

So, Jared - your prize.

Notice the hit count on this video and also... click here for a video of an entire NCAA basketball game getting Rick Rolled! UDATE (6:47 - Fri, Mar 28) - Apparently that story is a hoax! A prank article about a prank. How postmodern!

Thanks, Sam for keeping me cool.

Warning: by the time you read this everyone under the age of 30 will have already seen this video several times, made a spoof video of it, and moved on to six or seven other internet memes. Anyone between 35-45 is probably safe. People over 45 are still forwarding emails about the face of satan being visible in the smoke from the 911 attacks. And people over 55 are still learning not to say "the Google".


Fashion Figures said...

mmm. i forgot about limerick tuesday. bummer.

thanks for the insight; i might just email totie-b about it.

Shane Alexander said...

And just like that, the spam filter is gone! What a birthday present.

Anyway you can inspire some life into the Longhorns for me?