February 20, 2008

Limerick Tuesday XVII - The Results

I've got three winners this week. Sorry my commentary may be a little limited but I'm directing this week, and my attentions are divided.

WINNER 1 - The Dada Drummer addressing all three topics at once:
Does God care about skin and perspiration?
Do Christian beauty products offer Salvation?
St. Peter may chastise me
But it’ll MIGHTY surprise me
If Luther was talking about THAT kind of FOUNDATION!
Well done - your prize.

"Holy Roman Empire got you on the ropes? Translating the Bible and mired in Dueteronomy? Don't sweat it! Try Luther! Indulge in freshness!"

Next up... we have two winners who zeroed in on the pit stains issue. The first is The Medievalist, who has been on one heck of a roll, seeing his third victory this week.
My t-shirt is ruined I think,
I remember it used to be pink,
But the sun's beating down,
On top of my crown,
And my pits are beginning to stink.

And the other pit was covered nicely by newcomer Three Carrots (I have no idea who you are, but welcome to Unexposed Granite!)
O God! I dread eternal pits of fire!
Saints preserve me from hellish quagmire!
But its not sin I mean--
It's something less clean--
My fearsome tendency to perspire!

Same prize for both of you. Must be seen to be believed.

Congrats everybody! We'll see you next week.

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