January 24, 2008

Unexposed Granite does Sports?

Sometimes the greatest "drama" happens in a world largely foreign to me, and that world... sports.

Apparently, my own Baylor University suffered some truly ugly scandal about 5-6 years ago in college basketball, and they came very near to losing their right to play at all. But instead, were painfully penalized in a way that made the last several seasons an uphill battle, nay, a vertical ascent, to rebuild.

Well... earlier this week, when the AP Polls came out the Baylor Bears men's basketball team appeared on that list at number 25, their first ranking since 1969! We were all very excited, but sensed the end of this glory could come quickly as they were slated to play 16th-ranked Texas A&M in College Station.

Here's what happened:

Sic 'Em Bears!


Shane Alexander said...

Let's just hope the Super Bowl doesn't last five OTs. How do you politely ask people to go home--the party's over--before the games even ends?

Sic 'em, Bears--as long as they're not playing the Horns.

Saint Antic said...

INdeed Go bears.

Also good luck on Saturday