January 21, 2008

Limerick Tuesday XIII

Okay, I know there are lots of new bells and whistles to look at on my website, but, let's get down to brass tacks. (I'll award a prize to someone who makes up the most interesting origin of THAT expression, "brass tacks." One rule: it can't be the real origin.) Okay topics....

  1. V - the miniseries
  2. Wii
  3. Eternal Salvation
  4. Sterno

Good luck everybody! And be sure to fill out the survey at the top of the blog and check out my favorite films list (Parts ONE, TWO, and THREE)


daniel said...
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daniel said...

They say "Wii" would like to play
and it is the most addictive system today
Simple things are still fun
I still miss my old gun
but there is always more of the 3 to play

I just couldn't fit mario, zelda and samus into a rhyme I'm a fialure, the best i could do was a vague allusion.

Brian Bateman said...

Heaven: the American Wing

My Personal Lord did his part,
So I asked Jesus into my heart
Now that’s crossed off my list,
I’ll enjoy endless bliss
At McDonalds, or maybe Wal-Mart

The Dada Drummer said...

Sterno, Salvation, TV, and Wii?
That Buck's topics this week are crazy!!
Guess I have new insight
Into his life Monday night:
Hot Prayin', Playing, and Watching TV!

Chris Hansen said...

Memories of V

Does no one remember V?
A miniseries like none on TV!
Those aliens were crooks ,
With their soap-opera good looks.
They sought us to have lizard babies!

Okay – soft rhyme on the last line, and it works better if you put the emphasis on the last syllable of “babies” – but what do you want for my first try?

Jason said...

There was only one gift it could be,
But online they added a fee.
So,they split on the run
Hoping just to get one.
And did they win their prize? Oh, wii, wii.