January 09, 2008


Good voter turnout yesterday and it seems change has trumped experience.

Apparently, for participants this week, "Turn it up to eleven" means "To hell with meter and rhyme scheme". This was the week of the anti-limerick, where people blatantly spurned the traditional rhythm and rhyme of limericks.

I've got three HONORABLE MENTIONS and a WINNER this week.


Jared Pike: (Who was recently described by a friend as the Lebron James of Limerick Tuesday)
Instantly joining heaven's troop
Are the nursery attendants group
Treasures in heaven?
Shirt change number seven
Here's your crown; it's covered in puke
A compassionate tribute to the nursery worker. And now a slightly different perspective FROM the nursery worker...

Our next HONORABLE MENTION goes to first time participant the cachinnator: (who has a fine blog of his own here)
Your kid just pissed a Lake Erie,
My lap is now covered in hot pee,
And now I will wager,
You're ignoring the pager,

And lastly an HM for carver:
Spinal Tap could crank it up to eleven,
But oddly all their drummers ended up in heaven.
And just like the boys from the band,
I share with them something grand:
On certain days, we eat bread that is unleaven.
He clearly knows the film, and his rhyme and rhythm are strong. Well done.

Just for the record here's my limerick:
Obama inspires cheers and howls
While Hilary couldn’t move her own bowels
McCain holds a grudge
Mitt’s hair just won’t budge
And Fred’s support is lower than his jowls

And finally, this week's WINNER is Jason:
To Dad I'm a democrat flunkie.
To Wife I'm her smart little hunky.
At parties I float
Witty stories of note,
Cause I'm just an NPR junkie.
I swear he was writing about my own life. Although I know a little about Jason's father and WOW! For him this limerick is TRUTH! Here's your prize.

Well done everybody! See you next week.

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jared pike said...

I just noticed that my nursery attendant limerick was supposed to end in "poop", but at one point I had it ending in "puke," and then changed it back... whoops. Still works, I suppose. I swear I don't usually write about bodily functions as much as I seem to in these limericks.