January 26, 2008

Clean Freak - Starring Dan Buck and others

My filmmaker friend, Chris Hansen (who just so happened to win our Limerick contest this week) has made another film. This one is a short subject dissection of his borderline obsessive compulsive disorder. It stradles the line between mock and doc-umentary. And it's funny.

Chris has placed himself in this project of his (because it's about him) and quite frankly, the film is better for it. He has a great sense of comic timing and understatement.

He has also put ME in the film. BIG mistake. Anyway, if you'd like to see a preview, here you go... (I'm the leader of a support group for Clean Freaks.)

Clean Freak - Trailer from Chris Hansen on Vimeo.


Saint Antic said...


Also, I am sure we can figure/work something out with your wife.

Perhaps promise, pie?

Beeki said...

That was funny! I am a clean freak, I'll admit it.