November 14, 2007


A clear winner this week.

Funny as heck, but also flawless rhythm and rhyme, and even a consistent theme throughout. And really, what better way to commemorate the recent passing of this beloved tenor than with coffee-cookie innuendo about his nether regions.

The Dada Drummer said...

I was dining in Rome with Pavarotti
We had pasta and shared a hot toddy.
After tiramisu
I said “I love you”
And that’s when he showed me his biscotti.

Here is her prize. (note it is fresh and beguiling.

Be sure to check out the DadaDrummer's blog for Tryndee Name Wednesday - game in which she gives you the rpofile of the parents and you have to come up with an absurd baby name.

Inspired by Dada's limerick, I am going to create a list of words that rhyme with biscotti.

  • Toddy
  • Pavarotti
  • Body
  • John Gotti
  • Snotty
  • Cincinnati (with a British accent)
  • Dotty
  • Hotty
  • Potty
  • Clotty (a wound which clots easily or excessively)
  • Spotty
  • Mulagatani (with a cold)

Look at that list. It might just be the best Limerick word since Nantucket!!

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