November 28, 2007

Is reality in your future?

Tonight, I somehow found myself watching decision Decision House. It's a reality show where a TV Judge intervenes in a couple's troubled relationship by forcing them into a home with cameras. The "guest couple" this week was a gay couple who appeared on The Amazing Race (but did not win) and has gone on to create a celebrity gossip online magazine.

They showed us an interview conducted for their magazine's website in which they interviewed another alum of The Amazing Race who went on to another reality show called "Workout" or "Fitness" or something.

When asked about her "career" she actually uttered these words: "You know, I never imagined reality in my future."

Let's add this up: a reality tv show, uses a TV judge, to help reality tv celebs with their relationship, by putting them on television, and they interview a reality tv celebrity who never imagined reality in her future.

I think metaphysics just exploded.


carver said...

It's what happens when you paradigm shift without a clutch.

All I know is I want to be a contestant on "Moment of Truth".

DanBuck said...

I don't even know what "Moment of Truth" is. Knowing my own culture as I do, I can blind guess and say it involves a paternity test.

The best thing about Moment of Truth is that its title more accurately describes the commercial breaks.