September 08, 2006

The crocodile hunter - A tribute from Tyler K. (5th grade)

The following is an essay submitted to my wife by one of her fifth-grade students.

The crocodile hunter

By Tyler K

The crocodile hunt was a friend to the families, he would make many day. He died for a reason for doing what he loved. Taming the animals he loves. He left two kids and a wife, but he left his fans. As Mrs. Bailey said you can stop the people you love from leaving you. He died because a sting ray it hit him in the heart. He has not left me because he was in my heart. He was in my favorite show the crocodile files. His shows were good for me because I could stay up five more min. When I go to gator land he will be there. Here is a poem From Australia to the sea; he had to go for you and me. PS friend. Love Tyler K. :(

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Edison in a moth-eaten ghillie suit said...

This reminds me of the episode of "The Simpsons" that mocks "Evita" and Lisa becomes student body president.

Milhouse: The teachers lounge! Is it true they make fun of students in there.

Lisa: Oh don't be silly!

Willie: Look at me! I'm Milhouse, I tuck my shirt into me underpants. I've got no friends, so I confide in Willie!

But seriously, thanks for sharing.