June 07, 2006

Help Save the Laughter!

Dear friend,

I don't send out pleas for political causes, I've never once advocated savings a seal or oppressed people. But I'm asking you to join me to save something very close to my heart... laughter.

That's right laughter, or at least a leading creator of it, is in danger of ceasing to exist.

SAK Comedy Lab (http://www.sak.com/) is an improv comedy club right downtown in Orlando (right next to the TD Waterhouse) that has been making fantastic family-friendly entertainment for fifteen years!

In fact, they're smart enough to get me involved as well. I've started hosting shows two weekends a month. (June 24th is my next gig).

The shows are similar to what you may have seen on Who's Line Is It Anyway? Everything is totally made up on the spot based on suggestions the players get from you the audience. It is the best live enterainment in Florida!

They have shows every Thursday at 8PM, Friday at 8 and 10 and Saturdays at 8 and 10. Prices and specific directions are listed on the website. (www.sak.com).

The theatre has fallen on some hard times because of some extenuating circumstances put on them by the city and other parties. Bottom line they need more people to come see the shows! So let that be YOU!!!

Whether I'm in the show or not, they are a blast to see. I hope you'll use this summer, and even this month, heck even this weekend to come see the show.

Call them now to set up a reservation. Bring all your friends... both of them.
SAK Comedy Lab
380 W. Amelia St.Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 648-0001

I hope you'll check them out!


Marc said...

Dan Buck!
Fillion here. Perhaps you recall me?

I've got my own blog as well

(I've heard that STM is alive and well at Gordon!)

First Apostle said...

I haven't been to SAK in years - not since it has been in its new location. I'll have to check it out sometime soon.

Tara Hedges (Jones) said...

DAN BUCK!! Wow! We went to Shen together a million years ago. In fact I just recently found some old pics from our "Friendly's" nights and a picnic we all went on and Courtney and I on a bunk bed at a Young Life camp clutching pictures of you and Mike!! Your family is absoutley beautiful!
Say hi to Courtney for me!

Jake Link said...

I'll be there tonight. By the way, I love your bio on SAK dot com. Ugh... that was that an autobio?