March 28, 2006

New Book on Faith & Writing entitled Shouts and Whispers

I haven't read it yet, but this looks good. I'm a big fan of a few of the included writers.

New Book Looks At Faith & Writing March 27, 2006

Just in time for next month's Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin comes a book that features some of the best of past Festivals.

Shouts and Whispers: Twenty-One Writers Speak About Their Writing and Their Faith is edited by Calvin College professor of English Jennifer Holberg.

The book is published by Eerdmans and due out in mid-April (just prior to the 2006 Festival of Faith & Writing which is slated for April 20-22 and will feature Alice McDermott, Salman Rushdie, Marilynne Robinson, Walter Wangerin, Jr. and many more).

The new book includes interviews with such celebrated writers as Anne Lamott, Kathleen Norris and Paul Schrader and essays by such stalwarts as Frederick Buechner, Madeleine L'Engle, Bret Lott, Thomas Lynch, Katherine Paterson, Luci Shaw, Barbara Brown Taylor and Walter Wangerin Jr.

Thanks to Jeff Overstreet for the heads up on this one.

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