March 22, 2006

MirrorMask (2005) - A Courageous Little Film

MirrorMask is the latest production by Jim Henson studios, and it's a wild ride. It tells the story of a young girl in a circus who wants a normal life, but whose world and personal identity are sent into turmoil with her mother's failing health. One night she wakes up in a strange dream world that looks remarkably like her drawings that she pins to her bedroom wall.

The film is an ambitious project that clearly has no delusions of being a mainstream success. It's visually spectacular, combining live-action and CGI with a dark and fascinating edge that would cause many mainstream audiences to bristle. However, what makes the film seem ambitious, even courageous, is the unfamiliar thematic territory it treads. In it's exploration of adolescence it has the courage to lump together the rebellious spirit of the teen and the controlling spirit of the mother as the "dark forces" that are encroaching on the lives of both, and as malignant agents in the main character's dream world. Few movies would have the kahoneys to label teenage angst as anything but healthy youthful self-expression. This film sees possible ill in teenage lashing out and the parental overreaction and calls it as it sees it.

It's not a perfect film, but one has to admire the groundbreaking nature of the author and director/designer. This movie will be seen by very few people, and that's a real shame.


Jakob said...

Hey Mr. Buck!
I definitely need to rent this film. Did you see Unanimous tonight?

By the way, my blog is up...kind of.

Jakob said...

Hey again, Mr. Buck (I need your e-mail address)

I just wanted to let you know my blog received a huge makeover. You might want to check it out. I havent filled in all the pages yet, but atleast I have the formatting down. Thanks for the help!

Falco said...

I totally loved this movie. O__O it pwns. Just as you said, the CGI was amazeing. My favorite part was when Helena was in the clock room, and those robots came out and sang that Bert Bacharach song, "Close To You." Amazeing. I loved it. Thanks for the recomendation.

DanBuck said...

Jordan, You're exactly right!!

That scene was like Extreme Makeover: Creepy Robot Edition! It was awesome.

Edison in a moth-eaten ghillie suit said...

MirrorMask was pretty cool. It was in my queue before it was in yours :P