February 07, 2006

Score one for the Arts!

Received this email from a fellow Christian School Theatre Director.

After the last ACSI convention we spoke for a few moments about some logistics, classroom lesson plans, etc. You suggested I watch the Uta Hagen DVDs. Well my school's library purchased the discs, and (after previewing and knowing when to hit mute!) I showed a majority of the dvds to my high school students. They fell in love ! It really resonated with them - and i was afraid it was going to be a little over their heads! I just wanted to thank you for the suggestion. We are starting work on Our Town for our Spring Production- a huge step for an administration that at one point suggested "Jill and Fred's Biblical Adventure." Praise God.

The DVD's of which she speaks are incredible. Uta Hagen, author of Respect for Acting and A Challenge for Actors, is a fiery, sage-like acting coach who both inspires and educates at every turn. The actor AND director will gain immensely from viewing these DVD's.

She also mentions Our Town. This is a play in which I wasn't that interested until I saw OT: Our Town, a fanstastic documentary about an inner city school producing this slice of life play set in a small country town. Check it out

I have to say, regarding my collegue's email, I am intrigued most by her mention of Jill and Fred's Biblical Adventure. Sounds like a wild ride!

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Anonymous said...

This site is just full of great stuff! I wish that I was around to maybe catch a glimpse of some of the stuff, especially at PCCA and SAK. I never thought I'd miss high school, well, I don't, I just miss the people. I do miss improv incredibly. I'm working on the theatre department here, but it's a slow moving process. But I'm receiving a free education, so I shouldn't be complaining. I do miss you though. Talk to you soon!
Your once student, Cori