February 27, 2006


In a word - Woof!

I took my boys out to see this one and it was the most painful 80 minutes I've endured since... the 80 minutes I endured of Revenge of the Sith before turning it off.

Why didn't someone red pen this script and hack up the ridiculous story or HORRIBLE, non-stop one-liners?! Haven't we learned from Pixar's perfect track record that story matters?!

There are so many talents whose names are dragged into this one. Judi Dench, Chevy Chase, William Macy, Sir Ian McKellen, Kevin Smith and Jon Stewart. Perhaps, when actors do voiceover work they don't consider it an addition to their own body of work. And yet, I think less of each of these actors for not having the kahoneys to say, "I've read the script, and even though you'll pay me near a million dollars to read lines into a microphone for an hour, I won't do it! And I also will not help you clone Hitler, no matter how much you pay me!"

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not comparing this movie to Hitler (I think that's unfair to Hitler). I just wish people with artistic abilities would make conscious decisions about the things they're going to help bring into the world.

I will point out one exception. Jimmy Fallon was perfect in this film. I can think of no better audience for his work than children who can't discern his lack of skill and animated audiences that don't have to see his reprehensible acting skills.

My boys liked it, but I still wish they hadn't seen it. Poor art costs soul points and we all lost a few last Saturday.


Matt Page said...

Is this the same film as the one that was released as "The Magic Roundabout" over here?


DanBuck said...

Yes, they look the same, although it's a whole new cast, and I'd imagine there are some different lines since so many of the references are american pop culture.