January 22, 2006

Recent Movie Viewings - 1/22/05

I've had a real streak of good movie experiences and thought I'd share them with you.

Crash - Got this one for Christmas, and although it has its critics, I think it's one of the more powerful movies of the year. Some very difficult moments to endure, but they pay off later. It reminds me that there are very few genuine villians in this world. There are merely people.

The Choir - A beautiful little French film. Nothing revolutionary here, but some very good acting and tender moments. You live a little when you watch a movie like this.

Chronicles Of Narnia - Very good. But not great. I felt many of the moments were anti-climactic. I felt the witch was too big and the lion was too small. But the wardrobe was juuuuust right! :)

Angels in America - Wow. Still not sure how to wrap my noggin around this one. Clearly from a different worldview and enough political vitriol to offend even me, who's not that political. But some real truth hidden in here. Some power and an interesting portrait of the world disillusioned with God.

Born into Brothels - A women heads into the red light distrct of Calcutta to take some photos of the world hidden from most eyes, and what strikes her immediately is the children. They are everywhere and they are fascinated by her camera. So, she starts a photography class for the children. Their photos are amazing. It's a fascinating look at the power of a person making genuine investment in others. It avoids the tempation for oversentimentality, but still holds real power.

Millions - Maybe my favorite of these. A boy obsessed with the Saints. Knows them by name and even sees them and speaks to them. One day while he's building a cardboard cathedral in a field near railroad tracks, a duffel bag is thrown from a passing train and crushes his structure. But inside the bag is an enormous amount of money. The saints tell him how to spend it and who to give it to.


Edison in a moth-eaten ghillie suit said...

New site design looks great. Incidently, I designed a business card for a granite company last week.

MLE said...

Love all your movie pics! I loved all of these and have been telling others about them too. Keep giving me more ideas as well. Thanks!