December 12, 2005

SAK Comedy Lab's High School League

SAK Comedy Lab has begun a league for high schoolers and my school (Pine Castle) is one of the innaugural groups. This Saturday was the SHOWCASE for teams that have been training with SAK instructors all semester. It wasn't scored, but we certainly won in terms of audience support!

Here, the host of the show and Artistic Director of SAK, Dave Russell, looks over his minions.

David Banks, Mark Lee and Garret Hovarter perform in the best scene of the show. They are... Team PLANKTON!

Dave teaches high schoolers how to fly.

"mmmmmm... Loafers!" Derrick Smith.

"If they want to worship me, I say LET them worship me." Jake Link narrates a Slide Show scene with AC Caraker, Shaun Stoffer, Lani Suarez, and Derrick Smith.


MLE said...

Looks interesting! What exactly is SAK? I'm guessing this is some sort of improv work they are doing? Looks like a lot of fun!

Jakob said...

Wow....some good times.