October 06, 2005

Christian Film Critics

I have long been a member of a message board that started as a collection of Christian Film Critics (of which I was one). Well after five years, two name changes, and a couple message board software switches, the group has grown into a vibrant, VERY active community of thoughtful Christian artists, critics, musicians, thinkers, and smart asses (of which I am one).

These people are the smartest people I know. They not only know movies like nobody's business, but they can discuss philosophy, theology, politics and music with amazing depth and clarity. The discussions and insights I've witnessed and been a part of their have developed my cinematic tastes, helped me choose a denomination that most suits my theology and personal tastes, and even convinced me to vote in the last presidential election. I was so frustraed by the candidates, I was ready to abstain, but ultimately didn't.

The movie and music tastes are a bit all over the map, but lean toward the more "culturally significant" works of art. You'll find more discussion of Tarkovsky and Bresson than you will about Speilberg or Lucas. But you'd be hard pressed to find a movie you can't get at least SOMEbody to talk to you about.

Check us out over there. Lurk, if you like, but feel free to jump into the discussion. You will certainly find a bevy of films to add to your MUST SEE list.

It's the first link over on my sidebar over there ---->
or just click here.

By the way, a handful of the most active members write for CTMovies. It's the movie branch of Christianity Today's website and it's intelligent writing and criticism.


jhyshark said...

Hey Dan- Sharkey from the TU BB. Thanks for the Art and Faith BB link. Somehow we had not discovered that one yet. But, o no, you've listed more movies that we haven't seen... now where do we find the time for that?!

DanBuck said...

I feel your pain. My Netflix queue is over 100 films long.