September 21, 2005

Mommy's boy

Elijah is my oldest son (8/30/01). He is a character thru and thru. Looks and acts like his mother. My favorite thing about him is that he loves to sing songs from the radio. One of his favorites is "Don't Mess With My Heart" by the Black Eyed Peas.


Chris Dinger said...


A.K.A.B.U. said...

oh man. my one son loves music like his dadda. I play guitar too..whcihc definately fuels his interest. He loves Black eyed peas too...when I play tunes he tells me who it is performing now...crazy for a 4 year old

sTim said...

Um, "Don't MESS With My Heart"? Is that the sanitized version of the song or something? Like their other hit, "Let's Get It STARTED"? Or am I just getting out of touch with pop culture in my old age?

DanBuck said...

Hello sTim. Good to hear from you.
Don't Mess w/ my Heart is in fact the american radio version. Don't Phunk with my Heart is the british way.
Elijah sings the former. And he also sings the radio edit of Kanye West's Golddigger.