August 11, 2006

SAK performances in late summer

Just a heads up, I'll be perfroming at SAK Comedy Lab tonight (Aug. 11, 2006), next week (18th) and Sept. 1st. All my shows are at 8PM.

The Spet 1st show is with buddy and ex-student Chris Dinger.

Hope to see you there. If I spot you in the audience, I'll make sure you get some free tootsie rolls.


Chris Hansen said...

Dan -- do you ever tape the shows? I'd love to see it, but the 25 hour drive to Florida might be a little much for me ;-)

melissa said...

Hey Dan -

Ran across your blog site as I was perusing the TU almuni message board.... great to hear what you're up to these days! Long time, no see....

~melissa lemke ('98)