August 23, 2009

Mission: Calvo Padre's Identity

This weekend I gave the boys their final mission. Calvo Padre wrote to them and said that this mission would conclude with the revelation of his true identity.

It started with an envelope on the front door Saturday morning. And inside was a note.

They quickly discovered the answer and we hopped in the car to Books-A-Million.

This clue lead the boys to a local SPRAY GROUND (a water playground).

This clue brought them to the letters H-E-B. The name of a local grocery store.

We have a chain of stores that make delicious flavored snow concoctions.

Baylor University's mascot is the "Baylor Bear". We have, on campus, a bear habitat that houses Joy and Lady.

The Mabee Theatre is one of the theatre spaces in the Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts building. The boys know about this place and are enamored with the catwalks (or grid) high above the seats.

When they found all the hidden words on the clues (which you can see if you click on the images of the clues) they began arranging them.

Once the arranged the clues the secret words spelled out: LOOK UP MY NAME IN SPANISH.

Me: What does it say that "Calvo Padre" means?

Secret Fire: Bald father...?

Me: Do you know any bald fathers?

Invisible Power: (Points at Me).

Secret Fire: Are...? Are you...? Dad, are you Calvo Padre?

Me: You think I'm Calvo Padre?

Secret Fire: Are you?

Me: (In my best Gene Wilder Willy Wonka) You've done it! You've won! You've figured it out! Congratulations!

Secret Fire: Let's call mom!

As a celebration of their victory we went to see Ponyo - which was great!


Lindsay said...

this calvo padre adventure has been a highlight of my summer. thanks for being awesome, dan buck. what did the boys say when they found out it was you?


DAN BUCK said...

See the details in the post for their comments.

Yeah, I guess there's a printer. We'll see how that goes. I predict lectures about its proper use.

Shannon said...

Wonderful series! I'm going to miss it.

DTB said...

Dan--will you be my daddy?

DAN BUCK said...
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