March 11, 2008


Since this is Spring Break for so many of my regular participants, I'll be delaying Limerick Tuesday to next week. If you happen to be looking for a movie to rent over the break I HIGHLY recommend The Lives of Others. It's a german cold war thriller that packs an emotional punch as well. Excellent story and beautiful lighting. It won for Best Foreign Film (a ridiculous category which I hope soon goes away). It's the best film I've seen in months. (And yes, that includes a viewing of the hilarious brain cell killer Semi-Pro. Speaking of things that are one way or another, check out this little promo for a new sport drink.


MLE said...

I LOVED "The Lives of Others." I'm in a really big foreign film kick right now (when I have time) and I really enjoyed that one. Trying to get to "the Counterfeiters" sometime soon. Oh, and Dan -- Huge relief! I just ended the spring musical performances. It was a success, but oh so much work! :)

Fashion Figures said...

I think I know someone that drinks powerthirst...

Maybe they should just change "Foreign Films" to "Non-American Films" or maybe "Un-American Films." Or maybe Homeland Security should just ban them from the states as a terrorist threat.

But seriously, I'll put it on my list.

Happy Spring Break!